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You will receive your FIFA Ultimate Team Coins via the Transfer Market of the game. For this purpose, you make one of the players in your FIFA Ultimate Team Club available for sale (direct purchase) and fill in the according informations during placing your order: FUT Team Name, Player Name, Player Position, Player Nation, Player Quality, Player Rating Etc.

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Madden 18 Gets Patched Just As The Regular Season Kicks Off

Arriving just in time for the start of the regular season of NFL competition, EA Sports released a new patch for Madden NFL 18 that contains a number of fixes, updates, and tweaks to improve balance and playability. The new patch is live right now for anyone who owns the game, and should see the changes the next time they hop into a game of Madden NFL 18.

The news was posted up over on the official EA Sports website, where the developers outlined the changelog with some of the new features gamers can take advantage of in the game on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, including HDR support, improved frame-rate when the ball would be snapped on the PS4, and modified height of some of the players so theyre slightly smaller in scale.

Complaints regarding soft locks and crashes have also been addressed, so the game should be a lot more stable than when it released. The team also updated the headtohead quarter length from four minutes to five minutes, so you get an extra minute of playtime.

Quite a few gameplay tweaks have also been made, including modifying the zone coverage to increase break-on-throw times, and decreasing the effectiveness of ball carrier moves. Im sure some receivers and handlers will be a bit miffed at this change, but it is all done in the name of balance, folks.

A couple of tweaks have also been made to the pass rush on the quarterback, and blocksheds in the defense versus Gun Inside Zone plays.

Two fixes have also been made to the Franchise mode, mostly revolving around some minor scheduling issues, but it was nothing too serious that would impact the enjoyment of the game.

If you were hoping for fixes, updates or modifications for the highly talked about Longshot mode, the developers did not touch it, mostly because Tiburon Studios handled the development of Madden NFL 18s Longshot career mode, which featured two hopefuls attempting to get drafted by the NFL.

The game only recently came out back on August 25th. The game is the first time that EA had each mode completely overhauled to run on DICEs Frostbite game engine. This would enable the teams to take advantage of the high-end renderer that helped games like Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1 completely dominate the market.

The feedback from a lot of gamers have been positive of the title so far, but not every NFL player has been happy with their ratings in this years iteration. However, some have held out hope that their ratings will increase as the season wears on and EA continues to update the stats. Others like Tom Brady dont have to worry about the stats because hes one of the only few characters throughout Madden NFL history to have a perfect overall score.

In fact, Brady is so above-tier that he did not even sweat the Madden Curse, and has been prepping to dominate the season once more for the New England Patriots. You can pick up Madden NFL 18 right now for PS4 and Xbox One.

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