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Futmmo.com - FIFA 15 Guide to learn how to use the defense

Here are some tips from our expert on FIFA to improve their game in defense.

Many players complain about a certain difficulty in the defense sector in the new FIFA 15 - and they are right. In part, this seems to be due to a little attention from EA Sports this specific aspect of the game. While the attack sector was reinforced with a dribbling system that provides ever more unpredictable and more familiar in control of the ball, the defense still seems something untouchable. As a result, it is now more difficult to work on this aspect of the game.

The good news, especially if you play online, is that we are all in the same boat, and even if the defense is more difficult, you can still put on a good defensive barrier, without necessarily resurrect the famous bus Mourinho (although in some cases it is really necessary). This article therefore aims to share some tips and advice that can help to improve your defensive game, although youll need a little patience and practice.

defense tactics

In FIFA 12, EA Sports had implemented one of the most courageous changes ever seen in his famous football simulator: it has completely renewed the defense system and its mechanics. Before then, the defense did not constitute an action that required great care and skill. Any player with a basic knowledge of mechanics and controls, could work in defense without major problems. First, in fact, was the quality of the athletes in the field to determine the success or failure of a given plating.

With the transition to defense manual, EA Sports has forced the player to a new defensive mentality. This scheme, Defense Tactics, did nothing but make manual action to tackle, which in other words means to press the appropriate button within an appropriate timescale. And the timing, in this case, is particularly demanding. This required, of course, a change of mentality in the players, requiring them greater control of the opponent, the more attention to the steps, get help from the AI ??and be able to consider the defense in time for a tackle. For those players who do not like this type of system, there is always the classic defensive scheme, which we find in the settings under Legacy Defending, but this only applies to offline games, so the best thing is to learn to get used to this new system of defense.

Learn how to use the controls and practice

For one thing, it is essential to learn how to master the controls on the pad. With the square (PS) or X (Xbox), you can perform a slip, which can be very effective, but at the same time also very dangerous. With X (PS) or A (Xbox), the defender automatically assumes a position to press the player in possession of the ball. With the circle (PS) or B (Xbox), we have several available actions, which depend on the context - in front of the player in possession of the ball, you try to tackle him to recover the ball, while from the side or from behind, they will try to keep the shirt, or face a physical confrontation. All three are useful, but they can also cause faults if used carelessly. With L2 (PS) or LT (Xbox), players can assume a position of containment, in which the defender is always facing the ball. Finally, R1 (PS) or RB (Xbox) allow you to call a second player so close to the opponent in possession of the ball.

One of the best places to practice these commands, and improve your overall defense game, its definitely Skill Games. Besides being fun, Skill Games allows you to learn the various nuances of the defensive game and practice on the timing of all kinds of tackle. Take your time, gettting it. As in almost everything in life, only allows the practice to perfect, and the same goes for FIFA 15.

changing mentality

A player of FIFA, as well as in any other football game, it is always much more concerned to attack than to defend. The defense is just a phase of transition between the phases of attack, and then you tend to try to steal the ball to the opponent as quickly as possible. But thats not how it works in FIFA 15 In both the difficulty higher against the AI??, but especially against opponents online, it is crucial to learn to respect the time of the game.

It s inevitable that in certain moments of the game, your opponent is ahead of you. It will be much more pressing and will have a greater possession of the ball. This, as happens in reality, it is very difficult to counter. We must therefore learn to accept that in certain moments of the game, you need to focus on defense and leaving the team a little behind the midfield.

There are several factors that affect the performance of the game. A team at a disadvantage, for example, almost always try to push forward and make you come back in the area of defense. Another factor, oddly enough, is how to coordinate the attack after gaining possession of the ball. If you are winning or for some reason do not want to increase too your lines, try to attack quickly and hard. E the ideal tactic to take the opponent by surprise, thanks to well-placed steps. Otherwise, if you want to regain control of the game and take possession and control of the area, do not start to attack immediately. Do steps with the ball forward or to the side with patience, giving the necessary time to the lines of being able to advance in the field.

Tactics and Strategy

Get to know your team, its weaknesses, and take into consideration the strength of the opponent. Imagine having a team is not particularly bright, and play in a league with great teams. It definitely preferable to have only two strikers forward, since these will leave discovered the midfield. If you do not trust much of your defenders and midfielders, proven tactics and strategies more conservative. Play with more defensive midfielders and try to take advantage of moves in counter-attack. And even if you have a super-team, I do not think you can play anyway so careless. A strengthened midfield is essential for any team, and it is also the beginning of a good defense.

The patience and mutual aid

These two parameters are essential to have a defense worthy of respect in FIFA 15 Running meeting so careless towards the player in possession of the ball, is virtually equivalent to roll out a red carpet to his goal. Since now it is easier to get around the defense, with slight changes of direction, you just need a lot of patience to be able to contain the attack of the opponent. Try to stop the advance of the opponent in possession of the ball about a meter away. This will give you some confidence and will allow a reaction time. Alternatively, try to get help from another player also press IA.

If you step on R1 (PS) or RB (Xbox), ask the companion AI to press the player in possession of the ball. This technique can be of great help if used correctly, but can also result in a total disaster, if used in the wrong situation. When you ask for help from another partner, you will leave automatically discovered another opponent and this can be really dangerous. The situation becomes even more serious if the AI ??decides to use a central defender as the second man, practically leaving the field open to the opponent. More than any other FIFA, this solution becomes a really useful tool, but it must be used correctly.


The defense in FIFA 15 can be a frustrating exercise, but with time and the right amount of determination, can be tamed without problems. You only need a lot of discipline, patience, focus and practice. If you can, from being something boring or frustrating in the game, the defense will turn into an item challenging, exciting and rewarding.

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