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Fun FIFA18 AG Asia Focuses on the First E-Sports World Cup

Fun FIFA18 AG Asia Focuses on the First E-Sports World Cup

The four-year World Cup feast will begin in Russia this summer. The grand holiday of the global fans is also a happy time for game fans. AG Central Asia Group 82AG88.COM understands that in order to reflect the fiery atmosphere of the 2018 World Cup, FIFA recently announced that it will hold the first eSports World Cup competition from May 19 to 20, inviting elite clubs from around the world to compete. The competition program is the worlds most popular EA ace game, FIFA 18.
For the FIFA series, AG Central Asia believes that this is a classic game that has witnessed the development of football games. In the intersection of football and FIFA games, it can also be regarded as a model of cross-border integration. According to AG Asia Group, especially in the European host FIFA project, the Bundesligas traditional giants Schalke 04, Wolfsburg and other football clubs have established their own football e-sports teams, and their players have already competed in FIWC Electronics. Football World Cup, FUT Champions Cup, FICWC Electronic Football World Club Cup and other events, the old Bundesliga club Hamburg has even set up a football gaming college. Not long ago, the French giants Paris Saint Germain also sparked a sweet spark with football competitions. It can be said that if FIFA is used as an appetizer for such an e-Sports World Cup, it will inevitably achieve positive responses from fans and players around the world.
What form will the first e-Sports World Cup show? According to the understanding of AG Central Asia Group 82AG88.COM, the organizers of this competition will welcome e-sports clubs with EA Sports FIFA players worldwide to register. FIFA will review the application and group qualified teams in different geographical regions for online qualifiers. The qualifying date will be April 20-22. The 16 teams selected through the qualifiers will be finalists in the FIFA 18 ultimate team mode. AG Central Asia also learned that the organizers requested that the participating clubs must provide two participating players, one using an Xbox One console and the other a PS4 console, playing on the corresponding host platform. The results will be based on these two games. The total score determines the outcome. It is worth noting that the players must not be changed during the entire qualifying and World Cup matches.
AG Central Asia Group 82AG88.COM believes that the integration of sports e-sports into international competitions is the current mainstream trend. In addition to e-sports projects gradually entering the Asian Games, the Olympic Games, the World Cup stage, in the professional games, AG Huan Asia Group, the relevant information that, in terms of basketball, the NBA has formed the NBA2K league, many NBA clubs also have e-sports club . In terms of football, the football e-sports league was officially opened last year. The five major league giants have also started the e-sports team plan. It can be said that the future development of sports e-sports is excellent and worth looking forward to.

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